May 17, 2019


by: Jane


Categories: Marketing Technology

“Memorability, Authenticity & Engagement” – why choose UGC over Influencer Marketing

According to David Elkins, Senior Director of Display Advertising, at TripAdvisor, the benefits of UGC include:  “Highly Trusted Online Content, Stronger Brand Affinity & Engagement, Earned Media Opportunity, Incremental SEO Value, Research & Learning Opportunities, and  Cost-Efficient & Effective Creative. Leveraging UGC content in the marketing mix offers brands an opportunity to organically connect with consumers in a world filled with overly commercial and often intrusive messages.”

The IAB report published today outlines the benefits of UGC over Influencer marketing and showcases ways in which marketers are using it to drive engagement and sales across channels including email, in-store, in-app and online.

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