May 29, 2019


by: Jane


Tags: Experiential, NFC, retail trends


Categories: Experiential Marketing, Retail Trends

Mammut Integrates Brand Experience Into Products

I can attest to the efficacy of Mammut products. The last time I wore one I was sat in a sailing dinghy in driving rain with my daughter, she insisted on finishing a race despite an ever escalating storm and the jacket admirably withstood the conditions. However, Mammut aren’t complacent, they’re not relying on the excellence of their product to drive sales, they’re investing in digital connections with their customers; building it right into their clothes.

Using NFC chip technology integrated into jackets, Mammut are connecting directly with consumers (And the clothing they’re wearing) via an app. The chip triggers in-app content – videos and stories that enable virtual brand experiences and connects to after sale services. They see it as a key part of the digital ecosystem they’re building, transforming the way in which they connect with their customer base and giving them a competitive edge in the outdoor clothing market.