June 11, 2019


by: Jane


Tags: Ford, Loyalty Apps


Categories: Marketing Technology

Ford Launches “Loyalty” App

From food to cars, all manufacturers struggle to connect directly with their customer base and a loyalty app is the classic solution. Ford has followed the same well trodden path with the recent launch of it’s FordPass app.

The app provides a number of benefits; a virtual handbook for your car, service bookings, traffic updates, van booking and customer support. Whatever the utility of the app (I don’t own a Ford so can’t vouch for that) it misses the key ingredient of a product designed to cultivate customer loyalty; emotional connection.

From the look and feel, to the editorial tone of voice, the experience is weirdly soulless; a product built by technocrats, certainly not marketers. There is no thought to who the audience is. It doesn’t talk to the sensible school run mums and dads, or senior citizens who have always bought Ford (The two customer types I am personally acquainted with) so who is this for?

Time will tell whether this was a worthwhile investment by Ford but I’ll bet it isn’t – utility although essential, does not on it’s own generate long term loyalty. http://bit.ly/2Zg0Sn9